Adapted and Tailored Training actions for Deaf People: Sign Language Interpreter

Field: Adult education
Activity Type: Short-term joint staff training events
Duration (days): 5
Country of Venue: United Kingdom
Starting Period: 06-2021

Leading Organisation: Red Bee Media Limited

Participating Organisations:
– Lithuanian Association of the Deaf

The training course covering a comprehensive analysis of the needs and situation. They will mixed with Intelectual Output 2; Media accessibility solutions for deaf people and Training actions for deaf people: Sign Language Interpreter. However, the above is with the caveat of potential tailored changes which may come into play once the initial analysis phase has been completed. The initial analysis will somewhat dictate the finer details and some of the context related to the timeline of the training programme. The training will include:

– Online sessions
– Tour of Red Bee Media facilities in London, including signing studios and control rooms
– Technical solution (live and file-based workflows)
– Working practice (live and file-based workflows)
– Language (register, context, fluency)
– Practical strategies

Once the training has been completed the package can be tailored to each of the partners’ home needs via a one to one remote tutorial set up. Each participant will have the opportunity to over a fixed set of months tap into the Red Bee resource with a monthly hour-long tutorial. These will work to continue in polishing up their skills, self-analysis of their working practice, working through any country specific issues or teething problems and be a further opportunity for guidance. The training will by nature be comprehensive covering a wide variety of scenarios including working in live scenarios in a TV context. On the language side, it will look at specific areas such as Language Choice, Register, Contextual Interpreting, Coping Strategies and Fluency. There will also be several opportunities throughout the training to liaise with current working deaf interpreters in the UK. This will give candidates exposure to seeing the theory in practice first-hand, and also give the opportunity to demystify potential hiccups they may envisage.

This also will foster a collaborative approach so that when they return to their home environments, participants can feel part of a wider network of working deaf interpreters. There is the hope that various domains that the Red Bee Media sign language translation team currently work within, such as the Paralympics 2021 will be opened up for some participants to experience. This will be dependent, however, on the relevant broadcasters granting permission to use their material and on the timing of the training. In any eventuality, suitable English language media will be provided by RBM for demonstration purposes during the training, and guidance will be given for the kind of material each partner country will need to source in their own language for training practice.

Red Bee can provide a safe environment for candidates to step into the shoes of what it will be like for them when they are working as interpreters within the TV domain. On completion of the training deaf interpreters will be expected to complete regular continuous professional development and to keep themselves abreast of developments within this domain of work via regular networking for instance.

Trainees will be able to take away recordings of their translation work during the course of the London training weekend for promotional activities. This will ensure it is at broadcast quality and also that will enable access to equipment and prevent any additional set up costs within their home environments. If desired, each partner can compile this content in the form of a showreel which can be used within their country as a proof of concept. This will provide tangible evidence which can be used as influence to broadcasters and the like who could back the interpreting provision locally. Each partner country can go on to set up pilot meetings to show this proof of concept within their home environment.